Classic Valentine Treat

  • Roses, hydrangeas and other classic flowers to say BE MY VALENTINE!

    Available for pick up only!

Traditional Red Roses

  • Our traditional red rose beauty can be made in any color! Your choice of one or two dozen of the highest quality long stem roses available in this lush and full design.

    $84.99 – $149.99
    Hand delivered to your loved one’s door!

Traditional Roses Royale

  • Our traditional beauty with a dozen long stem roses, full of luxurious floral accents ! Available in all colors of the spectrum!

    Hand delivered to your loved one's door!

European Hand-Tied Bouquets

  • Dramatic and colorful, these vibrant hand-tied bouquets for Valentine’s are contemporary, romantic and LUSH!

    Hand-delivered to your loved one!

Rainbow Love

  • Our ultra lush rainbow roses hand tied or in a vase! We love this amazing selection of gorgeous long stem roses and buttons making it unique gift for that delicate person that loves that romantic touch!

    $225.00 - $325.00
    Hand delivered to your loved one's door!

Rose Drama

  • European style hand-tied roses in a beautiful tall vase available in any color to leave them in no doubt how special they are to you! One of our most luxurious bouquets! 25 - 50 - 100 - Lush Roses.

    $149.00 - $450.00
    Hand delivered to your loved one's door!

Designer's Inspiration

  • Our expert floral designers will create a truly bespoke piece, in our most luxurious collection. Guide them with your choice of color, inspiration, mood or occasion and we will devise a unique bouquet that will speak to your loved one’s soul.

    $125.00 - $275.00
    Hand delivered to your loved one's door!

Tropical Blooms

  • Perfect for any occasion or just to fill your life and space with flowers – and why not? Generous and bountiful, this bouquet will lift your day and spirits.

    $85.00 - $185.00
    Hand delivered to your loved one's door!


  • Elegant design including dendrobium orchids, beautiful red roses and sprays with gorgeous lush accents.

    Hand delivered to your loved one's door!

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